The pros and cons of an IUD

Ok my turn.  So after reading about all the wonderful side effects of IUD and realizing I had MANY of them, my sweet hubby went and got a vasectomy.  Now I am about to go get my IUD removed and I keep having this huge fear that I am going to have unbearable cramps.  My question is two parts
1. For those who have had one removed, are the cramps going to be as bad as I am envisioning? (I remember them being painful when I had it swapped out last time)
2. What is the best options for dealing with them?
I had the copper IUD and I really liked it since it was non-hormonal. I was shocked by the quick removal because it was faster and no pain compared to the other exams that have happened down there. I wouldn’t say I have a high tolerance for pain either. It could also be the way the doctor removes it so be open about your fear of the pain and hopefully that’ll encourage them to be gentle.
I didn’t experience much pain with either of the removals I had. Just take IBUPROFEN before and I’m sure you’ll be fine.
No pain with removal for me either,  but I did use ibprofin too and I had it removed closer to my period when the cervix is softer.
I wasn’t ecpecting funky cycles after removal. It took about 4 cycles of clotting and really heavy flow to stabilize.
Okay, I guess I’ll be the first to ask a sex question. For this whole pregnancy, the baby has been sitting extremely low. The frequent bathroom trips don’t bother me but the difficulty with sex does! There just isn’t room! After sex, everything immediately “drops” down and holy moly, it’s either ridiculously uncomfortable or quite painful. I’m only 6 months along so we’ve got a ways to go. Any suggestions other than avoiding penetration? Or at least whine with me because it’s not fun.
I feel your pain! I had this problem with my second pregnancy too. I even bought my husband a masturbation sleeve because I just couldn’t enjoy sex! For reals, if you want to call and complain, I’m here for you! The baby sitting that low causes all kinds of difficulties and I’m happy to be your support if you need to vent! ?
With that being said, there are some positions that don’t penetrate as deeply:
Laying on your side and him coming from behind is more shallow.
There’s a position called Nagara-bandha from Kama Sutra that’s supposed to be more gentle. You can look it up or I can text you the page from my book (there’s a graphic pic on it that could be offensive).
Another Kama Sutra called Yin Yang Posture.
Kama Sutra called Drawing the Bow
Kama Sutra called Maharajah
I had this.. but with my 4th.
Honestly the most comfortable, for me, was downward doggy position. Gravity in this position would move baby back a bit.  I could rest my chest on a pillow, didn’t feel like I couldn’t breathe….. and honestly my butt gets so big when I’m pregnant that he can’t penetrate as deep. Lol