Should You Get a Menstrual Cup?

I got a cup!!! ? This is follow-up from several months ago. I finally picked a cup, got it, and have been using it for the past 5 days with my period. And it is working really well! I got the Lena Large Clear Cup (based on my results from the putacupinit quiz…ie I have a tipped uterus/cervix, I have sensitive skin, I have had babies) Bought it on Amazon. I opted for a bit nicer brand, not a no namer, for my first time trying. I couldn’t say better things about it! It has been easy to fold and insert. I hardly notice it’s in there at all. I’ve had no leaks. I don’t have to empty it nearly as much as I was changing out tampons. No drying out of my vag. No string hanging out irritating my labia. I wore a panty liner still the first couple days, cuz I wasn’t sure of leaks or not, but I didn’t need the liners. No leaks!!! No discomfort! And we were road tripping to Texas that whole first day of my period, which is usually bad/heavy. I would still leak even with super tampons. But this thing is a miracle!!! I was able to empty, rinse, and reinsert it in random bathrooms along our way to Texas with no problems.  Anyways, I just wanted to share my success on here! So glad I finally got a cup! Don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. ?

One thing I have had to take into consideration is vaginal vault depth and girth. We’re all built a bit differently. My cervix is quite low during the first few days of my flow, so I intentionally got a shorty cup.. That smaller length made a huge difference in comfort. (And I still cut the grippy tip off. Those bug me) I also prefer a firmer, more rigid cup. Just works better inside my vaginal walls.  Here is a site that gives all the diameter and length measurements along with a firmness scale and capacity indicators.
I got mine from Target since I wanted to try it out right away. I love how easily you can sanitize it in a pot a boiling water! I wore a liner the first month which helped me on the days I couldn’t quite get the seal down. I’m not confident enough to change it outside of my home. Has anyone done that? I would love tips on how to coordinate that in a public bathroom!
Use that site that Erica recommended. There are many different sizes, styles, brands, etc. They have a quiz you can take that helps you determine a good starting point for cups that might be good for you. It was super helpful to me! I picked a cup from what the quiz recommended and I was a bit nervous, cuz other people were saying that a softer cup might be harder to put in/harder to learn how to use. But it has worked splendidly for me! And yes, a large or sometimes Xlarge if you have had babies.