The Benefits of Using a Visa Agent Whilst Staying in Thailand

If you have ever been considering visiting or are currently already in Thailand, then you will know exactly how confusing the immigration system and visa requirements can be. Although there are a set of instructions for your type of visa, whether it’s for partner visa, working visa, etc., actually meeting the requirements set out in those instructions can be tricky, especially if you are trying to organise everything yourself. Here are some of the main reasons why using an agent could be a good idea.


The main service that people will associate a visa agent with is of course visas, although the more comprehensive outfits are able to offer much more than that, here are just a few that you could make use of.

Health Insurance

This can be an afterthought for a lot of people, but really should be the primary thought prior to spending any extended period of time in a country such as Thailand. If your home country is within or near Europe, then you will likely have a very different health care system to the one in Thailand. Essentially, if you do not have insurance such as Pacific Cross Thailand visa insurance, then you have to pay which can mean extortionate amounts of money depending on what your needs are, who picks you up if you’ve been in an accident or where you end up in terms of a hospital.

If you are making a voluntary visit then you may have more choice, however, if you are being taken to a hospital with no way of making a decision then, well, anything could happen. If your health is important to you then you may find this informative blog about improving your health worth a read. Having Insurance will give you peace of mind and should be looked into at your earliest opportunity. 

Long stay O-X and O-A visa services

The O-X and O-A visa type can be issued to people who are aged 50 years or over and want to stay in Thailand without the intention of working or conducting Business. The O-A type of visa is aimed at people who wish to take advantage of a long-term visa for no longer than a year, whereas, the O-X type of visa is aimed towards those people who wish to take advantage of any time period of up to 10 years. Regardless of which Visa you choose, it is made quite clear that you must not be working or conducting any kind of business during your period of stay in the Kingdom of Thailand. The processes can be very tricky, one thing of utmost importance is, never, never overstay your welcome, this can be made very easy with the aid of an agent that has decades of experience with dealing with immigration officials, handling the paperwork and requirements that need to be met which can change at the drop of a hat as well as ensuring that visits to immigration are met within the time periods set out by the immigration officials.