Tears of Change, A Poetry Book Your Mother Would Love To Read

One of my earliest and fondest memories about my mom is the time she would pick a children’s book from the shelf, sit on my bed, and read me a story. As I grew up, it was my turn to share with her the exciting new reads I would find. Looking back, books helped us bond as a daughter and mother. As I grew up, literary fiction and poems replaced the bedtime stories. No wonder that a poetry paperback or hardcover is the kind of gift she adores receiving on Mother’s Day. I’ve already found the perfect one for this year’s celebration, and if your mom is like mine — kind and loving, with an open and generous heart — she will probably love Debbie Monteggia’s Tears of Change. 

Tears of Change is a collection of poems and quotes that takes you on a journey through the everyday emotions of life. It includes unique, one-of-a-kind poems. Some will touch your heart and bring you to a place of appreciation and peace, and others may change the way you view and look at things. You will find ones that will move you through joy, loss, acceptance and renewal, as well as pain and sorrow.

All of our experiences are necessary to get through our life lessons. Tears of Change results from Debbie Monteggia’s own life journey, which revealed to her the depth, diversity and power of emotions. She understands how important it is to honor all emotions and not to suppress or ignore the more challenging or fearful ones. These emotions are the ones that help you transition into your joy once you move through them. 

The opening poem ‘Honor your Tears’ takes you through the beauty of this conversion, reminding you of the healing, growth, and joy tears can bring. Her poetry started from her tears of sadness and despair and moved her through writing about her tears of joy, grace and gratitude, and most of all, finding God’s love. 

I am not the only one who fell in love with Debbie Monteggia’s Tears of Change. “This book is a revelation. Spiritual, uplifting, and unforgettable. The poetry spans many life passages, from friendship and children, to loss and fear, all truthfully and beautifully rendered. The book opened to me how truth, pain and compassion can be transformative. I will not soon forget this book,” writes Maggie from Mesa, Arizona. Maryann from Thorton, Colorado says, “Truly inspiring, this book will make you smile, laugh, cry, and most of all, make you realize how blessed you are!”        

On her website, the author writes she hopes that one or many of the poems included in Tears of Change will inspire the readers to take a leap into expressing all of their emotions so they can reach a deeper place of love and gratitude within themselves. Debbie Monteggia, who confesses that her proudest moment is becoming a mother, is passionate about expressing her authenticity through poetry.

“I believe I have purpose or I would not be here. I value all people and believe we are all here on this earth to bring purpose, value and love to each other,” says Debbie Monteggia, who also expresses her creativity as an interior designer.

Optimistic and compassionate, she likes to find the best in everybody and is very dedicated to giving back to society. The author hopes that Tears of Change will encourage others to find and listen to their own authentic voice and will donate a percentage of her book sales to a basic needs charity.  With its heartfelt message and beautiful illustrations, Tears of Change will certainly be the gift my mom (and probably yours) will adore for Mother’s Day and a book that will find a permanent home on her coffee table for her and us and others to enjoy. The book is available in digital, paperback and hardcover formats on Amazon and other major online bookstores.