Safety First – Modern Rules for Romance

Dating today is unchartered territory for many. Sometime during the last decade, all the old dating rules have flown out the window, bringing in a new era of dating dos and don’ts along with a few soft rules for etiquette and safety. The proliferation of dating apps and online dating services have ushered safety into the picture in a way that was rarely thought of a few short years ago. These rules from // will help you make your next romantic encounter safer and, hopefully, a little saner, in the process.

Use the Buddy System

If you’re not sure about going out with someone new alone, consider the buddy system. This can work in one of two ways. One, a buddy calls you early in the date to see if you need an excuse to escape an uncomfortable experience and then later you call to verify that you have, in fact, safely returned home from your date.

The other way it can work for you is to make the first date with anyone new a double date. Even on your first “solo” date, you’ll want to have safety measures in place as well, including:

  • Phone calls to check in after the date.
  • Meet in public places.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Ask for help if you ever feel in danger or threatened during your date.

Home security company, ADT, also has a few suggestions for dating safety, one important one being to make sure your cell phone is fully charged and easily accessible when you’re on a date.

Be Cautious about Giving Out Your Home Information

Seriously, the movie Fatal Attraction tells us this could be a bad thing if you’re not certain, absolutely certain, that you’re ready for the other person to know your address. That’s one reason meeting in public is so attractive for dating today. Once you give someone your address to pick you up or visit, you’ve given up some degree of your safety and security. AARP suggests it is better to wait until your relationship progresses a bit before reaching that point.

Once you do reach the point where you’re bringing the romance home, don’t go overboard with candles, roses, and gourmet dinners unless you have the appropriate fire extinguishers and Ontario tenant insurance policy in place to protect your interests and your home.

Dating someone knew is fraught with excitement and interest. While you don’t want to focus on the potential for peril, it is best to create your own safety nets when dating to reduce your risks of having far more than your heart broken.