Reasons Why You and Your Mom Should Get Portraits Done

Today, more than ever, families are trying to find ways to connect with loved ones and make new memories that they will cherish for a lifetime. Life is busy and, no matter how much you try, it is challenging to find time to linger over a meal with loved ones or to spend quality time with your family, especially your mother. This is why you should make an appointment to have a professional portrait done of you and your mom.

You might wonder how getting your picture taken can be the same as spending time with your mother. Well, of course, the photographs themselves are not meant to be a replacement for time spent together. However, the actual process of going to a studio together and spending time chatting (and laughing) and posing, until you find “just the right” poses is an experience you’ll remember and treasure for years to come.

A professional portrait emphasizes your unique bond with your mother

You and your mom have no doubt overcome some bumps in the road throughout your life. Some days (or weeks or years, for that matter) may have been better than others. Through it all, however, one thing is certain, your relationship is unique. There is not another one like it.

A professional portrait photographer knows how to position the lens and lighting, and pose you and your mom, so that the best of the two of you together comes shining through. A twinkle in the eye here, a gleaming smile there, and all of the fun you’ll have in between the start and finish of your session will go into creating a portrait that tells your story.

Highlight your mom for the holidays

Think of how many times you have had family gatherings where your mom has barely had time to sit down in between greeting guests, making and serving food and doing all the other random yet typical things moms do at such events. You may have noticed that although everyone snaps tons of pictures throughout the day, very few (or none) include your mom. Mothers are usually the ones taking all of the photos, while the children are the subject.

Having a professional portrait session with your mom is the perfect way to make her the center of attention for a little while. Families take pictures of babies, birthdays, graduations, weddings, and more. It’s rare for someone to take photos of their mom. You can break that habit by inviting your mom to join you in a professional portrait session.

Are you a mom with little ones at home?

If you are a mom with young children at home, now is the time to schedule a professional portrait together. In fact, you can make it a tradition every few years or, even, every year.

While no one likes to think about losing a mom or vice versa, a mom losing a child, tragedies sometimes happen. A beautiful portrait is a great blessing to have that features the two of you together.