How to Stop Your Partner from Creating a DIY Nightmare

There was a time when DIY projects were simple: replace a tile, fix crown molding, deal with a leaking faucet. Nothing too complicated. But then came the Internet. People can flock to forums to ask questions, or they can go on YouTube and find information out about nearly anything in the world.

The problem is that some people, and we’re not saying everyone, but some people have a tendency to mess up their projects.

Even the simplest tasks may be too difficult for these individuals to do. If your spouse falls into this category, you’ll need to take immediate action if you want to stop your partner from creating a DIY nightmare.

Explain That They May Misdiagnose the Issue

When a plumbing or electrical system is the issue, it’s not uncommon for a non-professional to misdiagnose the issue. Why? Let’s use an example of a drain clog. Everyone has had a clogged drain, and the issue may be as simple as pulling out an abundance of hair that’s stuck in the drain. Another instance would be electrical wiring.

But the issue may be something completely different, and far more serious than a minor blockage. It’s better to leave it to experts like when facing major issues.

“If your pipe has collapsed or totally broken apart, replacing it is most likely your best option. However, if your slow drain was caused by a compromised pipe interior allowing debris or tree roots in, hiring a plumber in Gilroy, CA who can provide expert Clogged Shower Drain Services may fix it more easily than replacing the pipe,” explains Miranda. If you have the same plumbing issue like this one, you may visit sites like for professional help. You may also contact emergency plumbing services if you need immediate plumbing repair services. And if you are looking to replace your old and faulty hvac unit, then you might want to hire a specialist in furnace repair or AC installation in Snohomish, WA.

Look for Free Estimates First

Free estimates are a very good way to stop your partner right in their tracks for a few reasons. One, the estimate may be far more affordable than your partner assumed, so he or she may choose the professional over trusting themselves.

But estimates also often come with some form of diagnosis.

The professional may find that the pipe has tree roots growing into it, so they will need to clear out these roots. You may also find that the issue is far less complex, and this may mean that you actually trust your partner to carry out the work.

In either case, an estimate will point you in the right direction to make a repair.

Stop Helping

There is a really good story about a couple that started fighting and getting nasty with each other during a flooring project. Tempers flared, discussions were heated and the couple was realizing that they should not tackle these types of projects together.

One partner may blame the other when mistakes occur, and it can lead to everyone questioning the relationship.

A sort of mutual agreement was made wherein the couple knows not to work with their partner on any do-it-yourself projects any longer.

If you find that you and your partner start fighting at these times, refuse to help next time. Explain your feelings before a project has started, and see if someone else will help. A friend or family member may be the right person to lend a hand.

Sometimes, it’s better to avoid the entire situation when your chemistry, during a DIY project, is downright toxic.