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How To Keep Your Raw Rolling Paper Lit While Smoking

When you’re smoking a joint, and it keeps going out, it can put a damper on the smoking experience. And if this happens to you, don’t think right away it’s because you’re an amateur roller—a joint can go out even if an expert perfectly rolls it.

If you’re using RAW rolling papers for your joints and want to know how to keep them lit for longer, this article is for you. Let’s begin!

Roll It Properly

If you want a joint that will stay lit after you light it, the key is in rolling it properly. Make sure the joint is not too tight, and also make sure that the flower is evenly distributed throughout the joint.

When a joint is too tight, air can’t flow through it. And if the flower isn’t distributed evenly, air pockets may cause the joint to burn unevenly.

Don’t Let It “Canoe”

When a joint “canoes,” it means that it is burning unevenly. The burn shape will resemble the form of a canoe, hence the name. This is not good because it leads to a lot of wasted flower. Essentially, the joint is only burning at one side, so the remaining side is charred but not being burned.

The canoe is one reason you should pay attention to the way the joint is burning as you’re smoking it, as a canoe can be prevented if its early stages are noticed quickly and addressed.

Keep Smoking It

This may seem self-explanatory, but to keep a joint lit, you must keep smoking it. The flame won’t burn without oxygen and will eventually go out. Therefore, if you’re somebody who likes to pause after taking hits, you may find yourself having to light the joint repeatedly.

Keep It Away From the Wind

The wind is sometimes a fire strengthener and often a fire extinguisher. But when you’re smoking a joint, the wind will be your adversary, as the wind will put out a joint pretty quickly.

If you’re smoking outside, you should make sure your joint is away from wind gusts as much as possible, as doing so will keep it lit for longer.

Flower Isn’t Ground Enough

If the flower isn’t ground enough, it’ll be harder to burn, and therefore a joint filled with clumpy flower—instead of fine flower—is more likely to go out often. Grinding the flower will also provide a smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience.

Flower Too Moist

The flower being too moist could also be problematic. Some flower is stickier and wetter than others, and such flower tends to be not so good for joints. It’s better to have a drier flower because this burns easier. Also, it’s easier to roll with dry flower.

That being said, if your joint is filled with dry flower and many stems, you could experience “popping,” which can make smoking uncomfortable and cause the joint to go out.

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