Heat Therapy Enhances Fitness and Recovery

Warming up for a workout takes on new meaning when you learn about the benefits of using infrared heat for exercise. Heat therapy is known for enhancing fitness and muscle recovery, and going to a fitness studio that uses the latest technology allows you to reap the most benefits from working out as possible. Taking a look at the benefits that heat therapy provides gives you a glimpse of how it can help you hit your next fitness goal.

Boost Blood Circulation
The majority of the benefits that you enjoy from exercise come from the effect of getting blood moving through your entire body. If you’ve ever noticed your skin turning pink from a warm shower, then you can already envision how heat stimulates blood flow. With better blood circulation, oxygen is sent to all of your muscles to help them grow stronger.

Relax Tight Muscles and Ligaments
The same increased blood flow that strengthens your muscles also helps them to relax. Loosening up tight muscles is important for injury prevention. Plus, you’ll find that relaxed muscles help you to make greater gains in isometric exercise workouts. Being able to lean deeper into a stretch during your hot Pilates class makes you feel good and see faster changes in your fitness level.

Support Your Immune System
Being sick can prevent you from being able to enjoy a full workout. Fortunately, working out in a heated room can give your immune system a boost. Sending more blood flow to your immune system also helps to infuse it with all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to fight off colds and infections. The extra oxygen also helps to lower inflammation, which can hinder proper immune system functioning.

Reduce Stress Hormones
Increasing blood flow to your brain helps to stimulate the release of endorphins that reduce the effects of cortisol in your body. The warmth that you experience in a heated workout room also helps your body to flush out overloads of stress hormones that influence your mood and physical recovery. When you feel good, your body is naturally better prepared to function at its peak capacity.

Recover Faster for Your Next Workout
Choosing to work out in an environment that offers heat helps you to ensure that your muscles are ready for the extra workload. This results in fewer micro tears that can hinder your ability to work out the next day. You’ll also find that using infrared sauna environments provides you with a sense of relaxation in your muscles that fosters a faster recovery. Being able to recover faster means that you don’t have to skip a single workout as you advance towards meeting your fitness goals.

Whether you enjoy participating in hot yoga or prefer HIIT workouts, you’ll find that adding heat to your routine gives you a burst of warmth that infuses your body with greater wellness. Once you’ve tried heat therapy, you’ll be ready to turn it into a regular part of your workout regimen. Between enjoying faster recovery rates and feeling more relaxed, you’ll be looking forward to your next workout at your local infrared fitness studio.