Getting the Spark Back with the Relish App

Getting the Spark Back with the Relish App

If you’re half of a long-term power duo, you know that every relationship has its highs and lows. If yours is currently experiencing a high, keep doing what you’re doing, but check out Relish for ideas on how to keep your relationship fresh. For couples who are struggling, Relish can turn your relationship around and make you glad you met each other all over again.

What Does the Relish Relationship App Do?

Relish is a unique relationship training app that helps couples of all ages maintain a healthy, connected love relationship. You get unlimited access to an experienced relationship coach as well as the benefit of machine learning that makes an evidence-based relationship plan that consists of interactive lessons. Learn active mindfulness to become more aware of your partner through improved communication and deeper intimacy.

Begin your training by filling out a quiz about your goals for the relationship and some basic information on yourself and your partner. This process isolates your strengths and weaknesses. Relish then sends lessons created to improve the weak areas of your connection as a couple. The homework is more fun than grueling. For example, you get date night suggestions, readings and progress tracking capability. You can also communicate with a relationship coach and other users of the Relish app.

Bring Intimacy to a Whole New Level

Many couples experience lulls in their sex life. Physical intimacy is the core of any romance — and without romance, what’s the point of a relationship?  If you find your love life has hit a slump, work on this area first. Here’s a very unromantic idea. Schedule time on the calendar to make it happen. This can lead to excitement and anticipation throughout the week, which could help you have a steamy night together!

Sexual gratification often starts with the build-up of the main event. The app can help you find other ways to reassure one another of mutual desire. Introducing new elements to your sex life may reignite the spark. When you satisfy your partner’s sexual needs, you may find them more willing to work on other areas of the relationship.

Relationship Coaching

The Relish app gives you unlimited access to text-based relationship coaching. You also receive an improvement plan with trackable relationship goals that you and your partner work on together. Find out more about Relish and learn how to resolve other problems and maintain a healthy balance in your ongoing love affair.