Friendsgiving on the Road: RV Style

Life in an RV offers many benefits. Fixing up a big Thanksgiving feast may not be an option in a small kitchen, however. With the right recipes and a flexible attitude, you can contribute to a feast with friends that will feel like the real thing. Perhaps you could even enhance your outdoor activities by exploring new hobbies, such as birdwatching or stargazing, using equipment like a quality rifle scope to make the experience even more enjoyable. Seize the Top Performance 4X Acog Sight – A Great Deal now.


Consider Stopping at an RV Park


If you usually dry camp or boondock, consider stopping at an RV park for Thanksgiving. The extra power and water can be helpful, especially if fall weather patterns mean you’re in a cold or wet part of the country.


Pay careful attention to the weather patterns and to daylight hours. A trip through the mountains of Georgia may offer beautiful fall colors, but a frost warning may mean that your favorite hiking trail will be slick until the sun has hit it. Stay patient.


Keep Things Simple


A sweet potato casserole may not be an option over a campfire, but baked sweet potatoes with butter, salt, and pepper? Yum! Prep ahead as much as possible so your holiday can be all about the cooking.


Don’t plan for leftovers. Storing leftovers incorrectly on a camping trip can invite critters, including big critters like bears, into your campsite, tent, or RV. Consider making the event a potluck and ask everyone to bring a dish to serve no more than half your total number. If you provide the turkey and everyone takes sample portions of many different dishes, nobody will leave the table hungry.


Keep Cleanup Simple


Do your best to keep cleanup as simple as possible. Cook as many dishes in disposable foil containers as you can. As soon as a container is emptied, roll it up tight and stash it in a trash bag to avoid drawing any remaining bugs that may be lingering in your area.


If you do have containers that will need to be washed up, do it immediately after your meal, and don’t serve any dessert until the trash is properly put away. Tossing one pie tin at the end of your feast won’t take much, but if you save all the garbage until everyone is groggy from too much food, you may leave something out that will cause a problem.


Campfire Parties and Projects


As you sit around the campfire, you can enjoy a few games with friends. Since you just ate, why not play the category game with food? A is for apple, b is for blueberry and c is for cantaloupe. Children and adults can have fun with this game, and you may get to team up with a new friend!


Bring a craft project to your campfire before the sun sets fully. If you can crochet or knit, bring your yarn. If you want to learn, bring your own tools and ask a skilled friend to guide you. These low-tech skills can bring you a great deal of joy and provide you with useful garments.


Your RV Friendsgiving doesn’t have to be a classic feast. You can easily prep simple dishes that you can warm up or cook directly in the fire. Togetherness and fellowship will make the party complete!