Five Reasons Why TMS Health Solutions Helps Patients Through Innovative Therapy

From CDC research it is evident that a large percentage of people are living with clinical depression without their knowledge. Most, if not, all medical facilities offer psychotherapy and medication to these patients. It is also noted that a great number of these patients usually develop a different kind of depression that is resistant to treatment. Having no supplementary treatment, these patients end up getting complications that adversely affect their health.

Mental related health issues have been pushed to the fringe of the society and no one seems to take the mater into account. Our society is also in the throes of a virtual epidemic depression. Take no offense if I conclude that the society contributes to the manufacturing of depressed people. Clinical depression disorder causes a variety of nasty feelings like having a sense of lack of value.

It is for this reason that Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation is a great importance. Being leaders in information technology in Northern California, TMS offers the best alternative to patients with treatment-resistant depression such as innovative therapy. The experienced and compassionate team lead by the founder himself, Dr. Bermudes Richard. It uses magnetic pulses in the treatment process and thus no observable side effect is expected. As opposed to TMS, other forms of treatment cause side effects like dry mouth, stomach upsets and dizziness. Let us take a look at some of the ways in which TMS Health Solutions offers reliable assistance to patients.

1. Non-invasive treatment.

TMS uses magnetic pulses that target the brain thus reduces chances of battling with side effects ordeal as well as eliminating the possibility of a patient experiencing pain. The operation is also conducted when the patient is fully awake and takes approximately an hour.

2. High treatment success rate.

TMS is not solely relied on in the treatment process. Other forms of treatment like psychotherapy and medication are also employed. Due to enhanced treatment 33% of the patients do not show any symptoms after undergoing the treatment process. This means that a great fraction of people likely to experience depression are assured of quality treatment.

3. Reduces medication yoke.

As seen above, methods of treatment in TMS Health Solution reduces drastically the amount of medication patients are supposed to take. This saves on their time and resources that could have otherwise been used in sought of medicine that might not be efficient. Trans-cranial magnetic stimulation reduces the clinical depression levels greatly all by itself. A good example is innovative therapy.

4. Effective and efficient treatment.

According to CDC, 40% of the population is likely to experience major depression disorder. With this statistic in mind, TMS comes in handy. It also offers efficient treatment to patients struggling with the condition. The treatment is affordable to all patients looking out for an awesome treatment.

5. Sensitizes the importance of mental health.

We are living in a generation that does not consider mental illness matters. This led to most people suffering from mental illness lack the attention they so desperately required. The milestone innovations in the medical advancements in the medical field have brought different perspectives to people. TMS has become the epicenter of these advancements thus emphasizing on the importance of addressing mental related illnesses.