Fenrir Chronicles: The Prince– We All Love The Same

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes. It’s important that we embrace all ways of love. By reading LGBTQ positive love stories we are accepting literature that shows love in diverse and beautiful ways. Whether you’re looking for a book that you can relate to, or want to understand a new perspective, check out The Prince. The Prince is a LGBTQ positive fantasy novel that portrays the love between two men in a realistic and wholesome light.

Author Nanishka Torres says, “The core message [of The Prince] is that we will all do just about anything for those we love. I wanted to portray the love shared among these characters at equal levels to emphasize that we all love the same: gay, straight, bisexual, male, female, non-binary, trans, whatever, love is universal and has no boundaries. It isn’t more powerful when between a heterosexual couple than a homosexual one.”

The Prince is a fun and fast paced read. The story takes place in a kingdom called Fenrir, where Prince Callum learns of the kidnap of his partner, Lorkan. Prince Callum will move heaven and earth to try to find his partner as he races against the clock. However, Lorkan is not helpless – his strength and calm demeanor protect and comfort those around him.

Typical love stories are great, but when you’re ready to experience a new romantic tale, read The Prince.

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