Dive Into Betsey Kulakowski’s Breathtaking Paranormal Thriller Series, The Veritas Codex

The Veritas Codex is a paranormal thriller series by best-selling author Betsey Kulakowski that will surely make you grab your seats. The Veritas Codex series follows the story of Lauren Grayson, a scientific, research-minded traveling show host and TV star of the popular television series called The Veritas Codex. Together, we follow Lauren and her team as they look for answers to questions and how they unravel the mysteries in the world and turn them into television. If you’re looking for a series that will quench your thirst for paranormal stuff such as the Bigfoot, aliens, spirits, and even ancient myths, then The Veritas Codex is the series for you!

The Veritas Codex (Book 1)

The first book of the series follows TV star Lauren Grayson on her supposed to be a significant discovery of a possible alien corpse in Peru. Still, then the government arrests her and destroys the evidence. As a redemption, she and her team decided to head to the Pacific Northwest to prove the existence of Bigfoot. Lauren disappears for ten days in the middle of the investigation, but when she returns, she can’t remember what happened, yet all the evidence points to her being abducted by Bigfoot. Was it Bigfoot? Or aliens? Pity, she can’t remember.

The Jaguar Queen (Book 2)

In the second book, The Jaguar Queen, we now follow Lauren Grayson, pregnant and newlywed, to her husband, Rowan. Rowan and the team were sent off to investigate the Mayan End-of-Days for the series. There, they encountered decaying skeletons, cryptic monoliths, and a saboteur with an eye for ancient treasure. Unable to go out due to being ill, Lauren was left with a vision involving the Jaguar Queen. The Jaguar Queen involves an ancient curse, time-traveling Mayans, and a fabled fortune about an apocalypse prophesied centuries ago; if those things interest you, this book is for you!

The Alien Accord (Book 3)

Betsey Kulakowski takes us to strange signals from outer space and aliens in The Alien Accord. Are we alone in the universe? Knowing how vast the universe is, unexplained phenomena can happen. In this book, a Russian cosmonaut gets assassinated just as he declares the existence of aliens; a bizarre space signal that is hard to comprehend was also discovered—one thing is for sure, the danger is real.

The Monk’s Grimoire (Book 4)

The fourth book of the Monk’s Grimoire offers a pulse-pounding experience with relentless twists and turns. Lauren Grayson’s life starts to crumble when a professor discovers an ancient document called the Devil’s Codex, with Lauren’s name embedded. The ancient text revealed a plan to raise an army from Hell to conquer the whole world. It’s Lauren’s task to search for a key to prevent the impending apocalypse in the Monk’s Grimoire, only to see that some of the pages have been removed. Lauren’s powers intensify, murders need to be solved, and the devil himself needs to be stopped. Above all, prophecy tells them she will be forced to make a sacrifice. What sacrifice would it be?

All four books from the Veritas Codex paranormal thriller series are available on Amazon. Grab your copy now!