Dare to Solve these Mystery Books for Halloween

Do you plan to spend the Halloween weekend curled in a cozy corner at home with some sensational mystery novels this year? You won’t be alone. Award-winning author David Ruggerio; Greatest sci-fi fantasy fan, author Lon Varnadore; Scientist turned novelist, Sara Winokur; And, soon to be famous YA author, AmyLea Murphy will help you crack the best Halloween mystery books of the year.

A Prison Without Locks

“…That was enough for her, she bolted like a young child frightened of what was under the bed and ran as fast as she could up the stairs, directly into the soothing illumination of her bedroom. She slammed the door shut.”

If this excerpt from David Ruggerio’s upcoming novel doesn’t raise the hair on the back of my neck, then what will? Some prominent reviewers are already speculating David’s new release, A Prison Without Locks, to be one of the best horror novels for 2020. And why not? His first horror novel, A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men and Monsters received three prestigious awards.

A Prison Without Locks is a story about dramatic clashes between good and evil. Set in Wawarsing, a tiny town in Upstate New York where all know each other, you’d assume there will be no secrets. Yet, doctor Roger Pretorius is hiding something that is endangering the innocent lives of the villagers. The doctor’s dark past, the rescued dwarf, and haunted mansion are busy stirring up a storm. As Halloween arrives, it brings new threats to the residents.

Join David to the cinematic showdown where you’ll face the rising evil and try to save the day. Order your advance reading copy of A Prison Without Locks today.


“How are you?”

The answer to this question is so nauseatingly predictable. My programmed response is to light up with a great big smiling “Good.” Sometimes it might be “Great” or “Pretty good.” I use “Okay” if I can’t muster a smile at all. I might say “No complaints here” if I’m annoyed by the transparency of the question poser and therefore feel the need to channel my grandpa ironically. My classic, however, is “Fine.” That one fits best when what’s being said isn’t as important as what’s not being said. Fine is neither good nor bad. It is acceptable, satisfactory, or adequate. It’s fine. Period. End of discussion.”

Here’s another remarkable siblings’ drama about the mysterious disappearance of the older sister. Fine is a sensational YA mystery by AmyLea Murphy that makes you think if it’s okay NOT to be okay. The novel tries to unravel the dark truth of a seemingly “Fine” all-rounder teenager’s life, months before she goes missing.

Six years after Katie’s sister, Anna Williams went missing, she finds herself at a tipping point in her life. Katie decides to investigate Anna’s case and search for answers in her sister’s missing person’s report. Soon she realizes that some questions aren’t that easy to tackle.

Does Katie find what she’s looking for? To unlock the mystery, pre-order your copy of Fine today.

DOUBLE BLIND: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders

“The merry-go-round jerked, then spun about, faster and faster, until the waves of her hair flew with the horse’s mane. Soaring above the crowd, she let go of the reins, lifted her face to the sun, and kissed the clear, blue sky. With each exhilarating turn, Lúkas grew smaller and smaller, until, when the carousel slowed and the horses reared to a halt, he was nowhere to be seen.”

Doesn’t it set a perfect premise for a mystery and crime novel? We’re talking about the highly praised DOUBLE BLIND: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders by Sara Winokur. A little boy disappears from a chilly Icelandic locale and his twin sister, Brynja, lives with the guilt of being irresponsible for twenty years. One day, she receives a note in her office at the DNA database that rekindles her hopes that her brother might be alive.

Thus starts the trail for clues in the form of a poem that the forensic geneticist needs to crack. But these poems come with dire consequences claiming the lives of some innocent people and her loved ones. As the plot begins to spiral out of control, you’ll start to wonder, what is the poet after?

Let Sara guide you through the twisted plot of DOUBLE BLIND: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders. What are you waiting for? Grab your copy now.

Junker Blues

We get it; the lockdown has left us craving for getaways even more. But if you’re looking for a perfect fantasy escape, we have just the thing for you – Junker Blues series by Lon Varnadore. A super series of six riveting, fast-pasted books takes you all the way to outer space.

The first book, Mars, follows the adventures of the main protagonist, Marcus Redding, a cosmic junkologist. As you flip through the first few pages, you realize Marcus is hiding from his dark past, and perhaps, it could be the reason why he chooses to live alone. But things are about to change drastically as his new partner, Lashiel, a hybrid, enters into his life. Their quest throws them into a very precarious spot that could make or break Marcus’ life.

Will Marcus escape the clutches of gangsters, the Martian Defense Force, and a terrifying alien race?

There’s only one way to find out. Buckle up for your ride alongside Lon aboard the Junker Blues. Order on Amazon now.

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