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Common Misconceptions About People in Wheelchairs

1. Wheelchair Users Can’t Walk

While it is true that some individuals are immobile, that simply isn’t the case for everyone. There are thousands of wheelchair users who have limited walking ability or disabilities that impact their strength. Regardless, a vast number of people who use wheelchairs can still walk. 

2. People in Wheelchairs are Unemployed

It can be difficult to imagine what jobs are available for people in wheelchairs, but you might be surprised. While employment discrimination remains a major issue, most businesses and organizations are more accessible than ever before. 

Not only that, but wheelchair users find that a lack of physical ability leads to mental pursuits. Many of these individuals go on to secure master’s degrees and doctorates. It isn’t uncommon to see lawyers, biologists, and business owners with a physical disability. 

3. Hearing Impairments Accompany this Disability

People have a bad habit of speaking loud and slow to individuals in wheelchairs. This comes about because feel as though disabilities pile up. While it’s true that someone can have multiple disabilities, the use of a wheelchair doesn’t automatically include hearing impairment. Ninety-nine times out of one hundred, their hearing is just as good as yours. But if they are unfortunately hearing-impaired, just be kind enough to recommend them high-quality devices like signia hearing aids.

4. Mental Impairments are Also Common

This is the same issue as the last one, but it takes place in different forms. People assume a person in a wheelchair needs their help because they are unable to speak for themselves or think a situation through. In reality, an incredibly small percentage of people with mental disabilities also rely on a wheelchair to get around. 

5. Physical Disabilities Make People Unhappy

You might think that a person’s quality of life decreases dramatically when they have difficulty walking or can’t walk at all, but that isn’t true either. People who find themselves with a disability after an accident certainly have a period of unhappiness, but people who come to terms with their conditions are just as happy as anyone else. 

6. Every Wheelchair User is Brave and Inspirational

Wheelchair users might seem brave or inspirational to those who can’t imagine what it’s like to not be able to walk. This causes people to give the disabled charity and pity, neither of which anyone wants. These individuals are just living their lives, unfocused on their limitations. You wouldn’t walk around focusing on the fact that you can’t fly, right? 

7. Life is Drastically Different in a Wheelchair

Grocery shopping, scrolling through social media, and going to work are all part of an average week. That doesn’t change because of a wheelchair. With the technology today, everyone can shop groceries at an online asian supermarket. While these individuals may have to do a few things differently, their lives are very much the same as your own. 

They may need a specially fitted set of hand controls for their vehicle, seek the help of ADA accessibility lawyers at Karlin Law Firm when establishments refuse to be accessible, and it might take them a little longer to sit down elsewhere, but that’s about it. Otherwise, you might be surprised at how much their lives mirror yours.