Book Review: Fine by AmyLea Murphy

Find by AmyLea Murphy starts off as a slow burn. The book focuses on the after events of when a teenager goes missing. The missing teenager is Anna, and her sister Katie slowly explores the aftermath of the events. It is the kind of novel that slowly reveals itself through many layers. With no one else to hold her hand through the difficult times, Katie survives by pure loathing for her father, who has failed to live up to the expectations of the girls. With her past in shambles and her future uncertain, she quietly explores the incident of her sister’s life before she went missing. 

The story quickly gains pace as Katie becomes entangled in the life of an emotionally unhealthy mother, an absentee father, and friends who had nothing to do with the mysteries of what happened to her family. While everyone is willing to leave the tragedy behind and let Anna rest in the past, a wounded did and hurt Katie is still trying to find her sister.

In a world of people who have seemed to forget about Anna, Katie also feels like she is disappearing. Her only solace remains with her friend Jack, who is the only person who tries to understand what Katie is going through. The small-town crime drama slowly morphs into the question of who was responsible for Anna’s disappearance?

Spellbinding To The Core

Props to the writer, she has brought together the story through a string of well-crafted plot twists that keep the reader interested throughout the story. The book has crafted and unique niche by utilizing real-life posters, diary entries, and social media posts. All of it gives a unique perspective on the life of Anna before she went missing. It forces us to open our eyes to the people around us. Despite people saying they will never understand what could have happened to the loved ones that made them act out a certain way, the reality is there are plenty of clues that could point to what was going to happen. Making the reader face the truth about our self-indulgence and negligence of what our friends and family members are going through is in itself a bitter revelation. 

We have particularly enjoyed the recreation of interview transcriptions with the friends and family members, which only creates another level of mystique around Anna’s disappearance. In a world fraught with uncertainties, Katie struggles to find out who she can trust and who might not have her best interest at heart? Her father and the only parental figure is busy with his second family, while everyone wants to forget what happens. But neither the reader nor Katie can rest easy because the drama keeps up throughout the book, enticing us to find out the details surrounding the mysterious disappearance.

Lovers of the young adult fiction and crime genre will love this enticing fusion, which paints the happenings of a dysfunctional family through the eyes of a young teenager who is fighting to make her place in a world that is trying to silence her voice. Order your copy on Amazon now.