4 Ways to Be a Good Friend

The only thing better than having good friends in life is being a good friend in life. Friends are the people that are there when you need someone most, and are a critical part of being a whole and happy human being. Studies show that people who have valuable friendships in their life are much more likely to be confident, and experience overall greater satisfaction in life. 

The question is, are you willing to do what it takes to be a good friend? Here are some of the ways you can be a great friend to others.

Help Without Being Asked

All too often, we wait for people to ask us for help rather than giving it to them directly. However, the truth is that some people don’t feel comfortable asking others for help. In some families, asking for help was seen as a sign of weakness, so people may feel uncomfortable about troubling others to help them. 

If you know a friend is looking for a headboard for their new apartment why not help them to find one?  You could help unpack boxes or even drive the moving truck.  If you know a friend who needs a night out, why not they offer to watch their kids? Helping people without being asked is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

Get in Touch 

In today’s age of social media, we may have the impression we’re in touch with our friends more than we are when in actuality, we aren’t. Rather than simply relying on what your friend posts on social media, call them up directly more often. Ask how they’re doing, and have a real conversation. Get to know what’s going on in their life besides Instagram posts, and express a real interest and what’s going on.


The world is full of advice, but the world is less full of people who are simply willing to listen. The next time someone comes to you with a concern or something to get off of their chest, rather than offering your words of wisdom, why not simply listen? Understand where they’re coming from, and Be a sounding board for them. 

There’s no need to overwhelm them with what you think or what your opinion is. Oftentimes, people aren’t so much looking for advice, but rather someone to listen to how they feel, and be open-minded.

Share Your Feelings

As a friend, it’s not only your job to listen to others, but also to reciprocate that. If you’re going through a hard time, be vulnerable with your friend, and you’ll give them permission to do the same.

Admit that you’re going through a difficult time, and let your feelings out. You can make a significant difference in the world by practicing what you preach. So, if you want your friends to be open and honest with you, then lead by example.

Make Them Laugh

The world is full of fear-mongering news, and sad stories. Sometimes all we need is someone to remind us that there’s still happiness and laughter in the world. Be a friend that invokes happiness and belly laughter in others.  Make people laugh and spread happiness. After all, in a world full of so much going on, a little joy never hurt anyone.