4 Signs Someone is a True Friend

A lot of people may call themselves your true friend, but what is a true friend really?  The truth is that a real friend is more than just someone who’s there to drink cocktails with or send a text back whenever is convenient for them. A true friend goes much deeper than just someone you hang out with.  They’re someone that sticks around for the long haul. 

Although some connections take a long time to form, sometimes the amount of time you’ve been friends doesn’t play a role in how good of a friend you are. It all comes down to quality over quantity. Take a look at some of the biggest signs that indicate someone is truly your bestie. 

They Are There During Hard Times 

There are friends that are only there during the good times, and then there are friends that are there even during the bad times.  Whether you get injured, fall ill, or maybe you’re just having a bad day— a friend is there to give you their shoulder to lean on. It’s easy to be there for someone when times are good, however, the mark of someone who truly cares about you is someone who’s willing to hang out with you even at your worst.   Genuine friendships are ones with people who know that even if you might say you don’t need anything, they’ll be there during a hard moment. 

You Can Disagree Without Fighting 

A real friend is someone that can respectfully disagree with you without getting upset. Not everyone will have the same opinions as you all the time, and that’s okay. If you have someone in your life that doesn’t always agree with you but doesn’t let that mean they love you any less, then you’ve got a great friend on your hands. Hopefully, you reciprocate the same attitude. 

They Keep Your Secrets 

A lot of people smile to your face, take in your personal stories with a lending ear, then spew the story back out as quickly as they took it in. True friends respect confidentiality and don’t repeat what you tell them. A real friend knows that it is assumed anything you’re telling them stays between the two of you unless otherwise stated. When you feel comfortable sharing anything on your mind with someone, without worrying they’ll repeat it, you know that they’re someone you should keep in your life forever. 

They Don’t Get Jealous 

People that really love you will celebrate your accomplishments with you. Insecure people who get jealous when things go well for you instead of them aren’t the kind of people that you want to have in your life. Choose relationships that are committed to loving you, and accepting you exactly as you are, and you can’t go wrong!