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What Your Car Says About Your Personality

Whether the car you drive is your pride and joy or you just use it as a means to get from one place to another, vehicles are a huge part of our lives. Not only are they a huge financial investment, but we spend time taking care of them.

Oil changes, routine maintenance, weekly washes, occasional waxes, and replacing car parts like custom hydraulic hose as well as air conditioning hoses are all part of owning a car. Owners of Volkswagen vehicles may look for a VW Auto services shop to have their vehicles properly serviced and maintained. In extreme circumstances, they take on larger roles like accidents caused by drunk drivers in the San Francisco Bay Area or driving a pregnant partner to the hospital. Cars are, simply put, integral to life.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a “car person”, you have to admit your vehicle is important to you. You rely on it to get you to work on time, help you get the kids to school safely, and enjoy it when you’re out for a leisurely drive. Your car deserves high quality Duel Auto Care Products. The cars we drive are often an extension of ourselves and our lives. Here’s what your car says about your personality.

1. Compact Cars

If you drive a smaller car, you’re probably environmentally conscious. Typically, people that chose a combat vehicle care about reducing their carbon footprint and have a higher concern for fuel-efficiency. You likely enjoy the simple things in life and don’t worry so much about seeking status with material possessions. You also like the ease of parking a small car.

2. Mid-Sized Sedans

Studies show that when you choose a mid-sized sedan as your vehicle, you’re pretty common. This doesn’t mean that you’re boring or blah. It just means that you’re sensible with your money and you like to live in a practical way. You likely have a higher income, but you’re careful how you spend your money, which is one of the reasons we recommend this Lucas Perkins injection pump in stock to save some fuel. You like things calm and aren’t so open to sudden life changes.

3. Luxury Vehicles

If you drive a luxury car, there’s no question you enjoy the finer things in life. Generally, people that drive these types of cars are a little older, make more money, and have a higher education. Status and comfort are important to you. In fact, you might even be a workaholic. Achieving your goals and getting what you want is important to you, as well as independence.

4. Sporty Models

Driving a sports car is thrilling, just like you. Those that choose to drive a sporty car are likely adventure seekers and love being on the open road. You’re energetic, fun-loving, and like to keep moving. You probably have a college degree, some bmw tires, but work isn’t the most important thing in your life. There’s way too much fun to be had in life and you want to be a part of it.

5. Trucks

People that drive a truck are hardworking and like to get things done. If this is you, work is very important to you, and doing it yourself is most fulfilling. You probably have a full-time job or might even own your own business. You like to take care of your family and your home, as well as help others. Physical labor doesn’t scare you and a truck helps you get the job done.

6. Minivans and SUVs

If you drive a minivan or SUV, you probably live in the suburbs and use your vehicle for a ton of purposes, find more helpful hints at the link. You likely need to get your family to different activities and don’t mind being the driver when the crowd is going somewhere. You have a calm personality and think practically. You enjoy multitasking and aren’t afraid to step up if someone is in need.