Tips For A Family-Friendly Home Renovation

Tips For A Family-Friendly Home Renovation

Renovating your home is a tedious, painstaking job, and renovating with kids adds a whole new spin to the mix.  You have to think about different things when you are renovating with a family. 

You have to consider where they might live while your home is being renovated.  You have to find ways to involve your kids in the renovation, and more. If you don’t have a grip on things in the form of a structured plan, you may have a more difficult time getting through the process. 

Instead, arm yourself with knowledge, and prepare your family for the transitional period ahead.  Here is a brief look at some tips for a family-friendly home renovation. 

Consider the time of year

Before you start taking hammers to the walls, you should take the time to really plan out how you want your renovation to go down.  Consider when you will start, for starters. 

The time of year can make a big impact on the challenges you face during your renovation.  When you have kids to think about, it’s best to plan your renovations for the summer months.

Summertime means your kids won’t have trouble keeping up with school while their home is a little disheveled.  Summer means that you and the kids can more easily slip away for a vacation to ease the stress of the renovation process.  Summer also means lots of good weather for lots of good quality work to get done.

Let the kids make some decisions

You don’t have to let the kids in on any of the big decisions when you’re working through your renovation plan, but they can be a lot of help when it comes to decorating their bedrooms.

Letting the kids make some of the smaller decisions in the renovation will give them a sense of belonging in their new surroundings.  They can be excited knowing that they influenced the color of their walls or the theme of their bedroom.

Plan for the future

When you’re renovating a home for you and the whole family, you should consider what they are going to need in the future as opposed to what they need right now.

Of course, their current needs are important, but your family also needs room to grow in the space.  Plan for the future, and make sure everyone has what they need to be comfortable living in your home for a long, long time.

Make the renovation fun

If you’re looking for ways to get the kids more excited about the renovation of your home, get them involved in the demo.  Let the kids use paints, crayons, and markers to add their touch of art to the walls that will be upgraded.