Fairy Knights: Tricks ‘n Trees a Book That Teaches Through Story

Fairy Knights: Tricks ‘n Trees is the fourth book in the fantasy series written by Dames Handsome and illustrated by Warwick Wilson. In Dame’s newest book, we meet again with Ching Goo, Oma Bell and Hamster Rick who are fairy heroes who help save the world. Even Dames makes an appearance in the series as their teacher! 

Stories & Lessons Go Hand in Hand

Each of Dame’s books including Tricks ‘n Trees embodies a lesson that he’s learned throughout his life. His books teach kids that it’s okay to have problems and illustrate how to deal with them. Problems such as self-esteem, making mistakes and difficult emotions are topics that are weaved throughout the books including this latest one in the Fairy Knights series.

Who Wants to Marry a, Um, a Monster?

What’s lovely about this tale is that there’s a challenge that takes place where Prince Charming must fall in love and marry a bride to shed his ugly monster self. The twist? Each of the brides-to-be have to enter a competition for the Monster, I mean Prince Charming. The first round includes doing bench presses to show their strength, the second round showed the smartest and most studious to be the winner and the third round being about responsibility. Readers will not only be entertained but learn that it’s good for girls to know it’s good to be strong, agile, and intelligent among other character traits. There obviously won’t be any spoilers as to who wins this competition, but readers will be amused and surprised! 

Fairy Knights: Tricks ‘n Trees is a book adults as well as younger children will enjoy reading. Being entertained while learning is one of the best combinations and Dames Handsome doesn’t disappoint with his fourth installment of the series. You can learn more about Dames and his books here and here!