The Pros of Retiring in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania should be on your list of great places to consider if you’re starting your retirement journey. This state offers a wide variety of healthcare, financial perks, shopping, recreational, educational, and cultural activities. Pennsylvania has a large population of seniors who are enjoying what this state has to offer. Around 17.8 percent of all Pennsylvania residents were 65 years or older in 2017, says

It also boasts the honor of making the 100 Best Places to Retire list from U.S News & World Report, with three Pennsylvania cities landing in the top 20. The data was based on factors like the happiness of local residents, tax rates, housing affordability, healthcare quality, and more.  Lancaster ranked #2 on the list, Pittsburgh ranked #8, Philadelphia came in at #19, Allentown ranked #25, and Harrisburg ranked #38.

Financial Perks

In the financial realm, Pennsylvania is one of the top picks for retirees. They are drawn to the amount of savings that the state’s tax laws afford them. The state safeguards the income of individuals who have retired by exempting nearly all retirement income. Public and private pensions, military pensions, distributions from IRAs, social security benefits, and other employer plans are all exempt from income tax.

Pennsylvania doesn’t collect taxes on personal property or real estate. Those taxes are reserved for the local governments, including municipalities, counties, and school districts. Pennsylvania also has one of the lowest income tax rates at 3.07%. Food, clothing, and medicine are exempt from the state sales tax of six percent. This is great for a retiree hoping to make the most of their savings.

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Retirement Communities and Healthcare

Pennsylvania has a relatively low cost of living, with many livable cities and small towns. Some of the best places for retirement in Pennsylvania are its charming small college towns and rural locations with easy access to larger urban areas. It is easy to find numerous healthcare options and facilities which offer in-home health care services. Many facilities specialize in treating a variety of medical issues which can affect retirees. Specialized care, such as gastrointestinal care in Harrisburg, PA, is always available for those who need it.

There are also many wellness programs to keep seniors healthy and active. Educational programs build skills and help seniors maintain healthy lifestyles. Retirees can also learn how to make informed decisions about health, consumer issues, how to utilize medical systems more effectively, and sharpen their coping and problem-solving skills.

Opportunities for Adventure

Pennsylvania has a wonderful balance between urban and natural spaces, offering something for everyone. Pennsylvania lies within the humid continental zone, meaning its climate varies according to region and elevation. The area with the warmest temperatures and the longest growing seasons is the low-lying southwest region. Pennsylvania has four seasons with hot summers and cold winters. Autumn is particularly beautiful, as the leaves turn spectacular colors.

Pennsylvania has almost 800 miles of forested hiking trails, and it offers many opportunities for biking, fishing, hunting, horseback riding (complete with horse equipment like circle y saddles), and more for all outdoor enthusiasts. Hunting is a really big deal here, and guns like AR-10 rifles and ammunition supplies like a large rifle primer which you can purchase directly from a local gun shop takes center stage among the locals. Pennsylvania is one of the original 13 colonies and has a lot to interest retired history buffs. There are literally hundreds of historical places to explore. It is also in close proximity to major cities on the East Coast, such as Washington D.C. and New York City. When adventure, healthcare, and financial savings are on the agenda, Pennsylvania is a great place to retire.