The Deadliest Holiday for Car Accidents in Louisiana

Statistics from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration show that car accidents in Louisiana are on the rise. The cause of this trend remains unclear, but the state witnessed 6,804 fatal accidents between 2005 and 2012. What the data does show is that certain times of the year are worse than others.

Dangerous Roads

Memorial Day weekend happens to be the deadliest holiday for car accidents nationwide, which goes for Louisiana as well. Compared to a regular weekend, you are four times more likely to die in a traffic accident over this holiday.

While Louisiana isn’t as dangerous as Houston or Los Angeles, it’s far from safe in terms of accidents on Memorial Day weekend. Statistics gathered from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that this holiday leads in fatal accidents with an average of 312 fatalities per year. Only Labor Day and the Fourth of July came close to that number.

Car accident lawyers in New Orleans start informing the public of the dangers surrounding these holidays right before the start of summer. Auto accident attorneys in other states have caught onto this trend as well, attempting to save lives if they can and let anyone injured know that there is help available.

Added Dangers

Of course, the number of accidents on Memorial Day aren’t caused by some freakish coincidence. The issue starts with there being more drivers on the road that weekend. More cars on the road equals a higher chance of accidents in the first place.

Estimates guess that 39.3 million individuals travel over 50 miles on this holiday weekend, with 34.6 million of them behind the wheel. Those numbers fluctuate by the year, but the increase in drivers remains as people visit friends and family over the holiday.

You should also take into account that some of those drivers are drinking, others are exhausted from a long day with family, and some are ready for an overdue nap after a large meal. The chances of getting in an automobile wreck are simply higher, according to Louisiana car accident lawyers.

More Dangerous than Louisiana

Value Penguin conducted a study that took data from 2011 through 2015, concluding that certain places in the United States are far more dangerous over Memorial Day weekend. First, the stretch between New York and Washington D.C. holds the highest number of fatalities. However, that’s true all year-round.

Houston and Los Angeles share the title of deadliest city, while their respective states retain a higher number of accidents overall. In a surprise twist, their study also found Christmas and New Year’s to be the least dangerous holidays. Christmas came in last with 231 fatalities, with New Year’s ranking at 245.

The holidays are hectic, but it’s worth remembering to be extra cautious as you drive to your Memorial Day celebrations. Keep an eye out for distracted drivers, put your phone away when you’re behind the wheel, and skip the alcohol if you plan to drive home. If you do get into an accident, then consult a car accident lawyer ASAP. A professional car accident lawyer can help you file the necessary documents and contact insurance companies and negotiate with them to prevent you from having to do so.