Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Book Ideas

Quick, Valentine’s Day is almost here, if you haven’t gotten your special someone a gift yet we have you covered. You don’t need to resort to the cliché roses and chocolates, there’s still time to get something heartfelt and meaningful. Pick out a book that’s perfect for your sweetie. We have a list of books for everyone.

Next Therapist Please

This book is ideal for valentine’s day. Based off Laurie Finkelstein’s own experiences, this romantic comedy will have your sweetheart in stitches. Mental illness, daily struggles of life, and romance for your reading pleasure. Trust me, your valentine will have a blast reading this story.

Last Call America: Last Call Before Darkness Falls

This is an awesome dystopian novel with a romance layer that is addicting. If your honey isn’t typically the gushy romance type, this novel is great. It’s action packed and dynamic just like your valentine.

The Lonely Hearts Bar

This is the kind of story you can just envision yourself as one of the characters and you never want it to end. It’s about 3 unlikely friends all connected in unique ways. Connie meets David at a roadside tavern on her way to college, shockingly she runs into him again once school starts. Grab a copy for your honey, and for yourself, you’ll both love it. You could also purchase today a copy of Jonathan Cahn’s The Book of Mysteries and give it to your loved one.

The Engine Woman’s Light

If your Valentine is a little offbeat, likes steampunk, ghosts, and all things avant-garde, they will love reading The Engine Woman’s Light. With multiple awards this novel is making a big impression on its readers. Grab a copy and find out what all the excitement is about, you can also consider getting him or her a basked from cookies.