Embracing the Ladybug Within Us

“We must live life to the fullest. So, let it be light and free, like the fluttering of a butterfly’s colorful wings during springtime. If not, let us always have a good sprinkle of fantasy and creativity to shield and guide us along the path to dreams.” – The Sweetest Ladybug, Isabel Cintra

Isabel Cintra’s latest book titled ‘The Sweetest Ladybug’ is yet to be another one of her fun and light children’s books. With an interesting storyline written by Isabel Cintra, combined with vibrant illustrations drawn by Zeka Cintra, this book will surely captivate not just kids but also kids at heart. Despite its young target audience, life lessons and representations can also be seen throughout this book which adults can also relate to.

The Sweetest Ladybug follows the story of Johanna who became small after encountering a magical cricket inside their house. The story progressed as we watch Johanna, and the cricket makes their way to their precious garden, meeting the other insects living there.

The clever and kind protagonist

Johanna is a little girl who is fond of learning about insects, through books and especially from her father’s discoveries. At such a young age, our main protagonist already resembles a clever child who is not scared to explore the mysteries of the world. She is naturally curious and is entertained by discovering and learning new things around her. Johanna represents our inner child, our subconscious who has a hunger and passion to be better versions of ourselves.

The world is a vast place

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Accept each other’s differences

The loving relationship between Johanna and the cricket is also worth mentioning. Throughout Johanna’s journey inside her garden, she got to meet different kinds of insects. Disguised as a ladybug, she got to interact with all of them without looking suspicious and out of place. The story entails that despite our differences as individuals, be it on our physical appearance, behaviors, or personality, we must accept it and be open to creating new relationships with others.

Be a ladybug

Ladybugs are usually associated with luck, good fortune, and good health. In this book, however, a ladybug symbolizes one’s carefree and light-hearted spirit. Just like a ladybug with its vibrant red color, to be a ladybug is to be oozing with enthusiasm and passion. It is well represented by Johanna’s personality, a little child who has an inventive mind, not afraid of living life to the fullest.

Just like her, don’t be afraid to fly. Be a ladybug of your own. Find your copy on Amazon now!