3 Things People In Successful Relationships Do

3 Things People In Successful Relationships Do

A successful and happy relationship is something many people hope for, but also may look very different for everyone. Each couple designs their own relationship and chooses their own life together, and many things that may be hard to understand from the outside if you are not in that relationship yourself. The truth is that a relationship is a very personal thing, and if it makes you happy, you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone.

Of course, many relationships fail – even those that are built on love. To have a better understanding of why this is and to build a toolbox full of ways to keep this from happening to you, you must first learn about the habits of people in successful relationships. Here is a list of 3 of those.

Check In With Each Other

Being in love and in a happy and healthy relationship with someone does not mean spending every moment with them. In fact, there may be a lot of times when you are both working so hard or spending time with your own friends that you don’t see each other for days or weeks on end! This can be normal, especially when you are young and working to achieve your shared goals and dreams. However, not seeing each other in person very often can start to take its toll on a relationship. One or both parties can begin to feel like they are merely roommates.

Checking in with each other, no matter what that looks like for you, is so important when it comes to keeping your relationship strong. Whether you are busy handling inbound freight or teaching a classroom full of screaming Kindergarteners, take a moment during each work day to call or text your significant other to check in with them. This will help you to stay connected even when you are apart.

Go To Bed Mad Sometimes

This one may seem a little controversial because you have probably heard the phrase “never go to bed mad”. But sometimes it is actually OK to wait to resolve a conflict until the next morning. Sleeping on it can help you to gather your thoughts, calm down, and say things the way you would really like to instead of acting out of anger. Of course you should always love each other when you go to sleep, but waiting until the next morning or the next time you see each other to resolve a fight or disagreement can be very beneficial to your relationship.


Possibly the most important tip for having a successful relationship is good communication on both sides! Talking about your thoughts, fears, feelings, and dreams with your significant other is actually the key to a healthy long-term relationship. Without any secrets from each other you will be able to feel like you can be your truest self and your partner will feel the same. Creating a safe space like that for yourself will help both of you to be stronger in the long run, both together as well as apart. If you and your partner are having problems with your relationship, it may be time to consider marriage therapy.

Being in a successful relationship can take a bit of work, but it will be so worth it in the end! Hopefully these tips help you out on your journey to get there.