4 Tips For A Lasting Friendship 

Most people have at least a few friends, and some have many at any given time during their life. However, true blue friendships that last for decades or entire lifetimes are special and rare. 

Not everyone has close friends who have been by their side for many years well into the senior years, so it is an accomplishment for those that are lucky enough to say that they do. If you are curious about the secrets to a lasting friendship, read on. Here are 4 tips to help you keep your friends forever. 

Learn To Forgive

If you have a friend who is in your life for a long time, chances are there will be some disagreements or transgressions. There will be times when you don’t see eye to eye with your friend, or when they do things that will hurt your feelings or vice-versa. 

When this happens, it is important to remember how important your friendship is to you and what you stand to lose if you choose not to forgive them. People make mistakes, even those you love the most, and it’s often much better to forgive than to hold a grudge, especially since one day you may want them to show you the same grace.

Be Honest

No friendship or personal relationship of any kind will ever benefit from dishonestly, and this is especially true if you really want your friendships to last. Telling the truth will only strengthen the bond you have with your close friends, and they will appreciate it and return the favor. 

Time Apart

Having a lasting friendship doesn’t mean that you need to see (or even speak to) this person every single day. In fact, the best of friends often go weeks or months without hanging out, but find that when they get together it’s like no time has passed at all. 

The truth is that life gets busy and sometimes family and work responsibilities have to take priority over our friendships for a little while. This is perfectly normal, and being able to spend time apart without issue is a good sign that means your friendship is built to last. 

Show Up

Show up for your friends if you want them to stick around. Treat them the way you would like to be treated in return. Be there for them when they need you in any capacity that you are able to. Your reward for doing these things will be a solid friendship that you’ll have for as long as you live. 

Lasting friendships don’t come along every day, so when they do you should do your best to cherish them! Hopefully, these tips can help you with that.