Various Chemical Free Ways to Repel Mosquitoes

While summers are awesome, mosquitoes are always a problem, and if you are the kind of person that does not wish to expose yourself to harmful chemicals, you will be pleased to learn there are natural mosquito repellents that actually work, and what’s more, they are available online. If your mosquito problems get out of control, contact a pest control company immediately. Look into pest control services that use environmentally-friendly products and methods to help get rid of pests.

Tropical Strength Natural Mosquito Repellent

A plant-based formula that is just as effective as DEET and lasts as long, yet it is made from purely natural ingredients and children as young as 12 months can safely use this spray. The product also repels other annoying insects and with a quick spray, you can enjoy those summer evenings on your terrace without worrying about getting bitten by mozzies. If, for example, you are planning an early morning fishing trip, a quick rub down on all exposed areas will see you completely protected and you can fish in peace, knowing the mozzies won’t bother you.

Mosquito Wristbands

These are great for all the family, and wearing one will protect you for up to 48 hours, making them ideal for fishing expeditions and visits to the beach. Suitable for children 4+, these wristbands are only to be worn on the wrist and you can purchase this Australian mosquito repellent from an online company that only sells natural mosquito repellant. The natural ingredient is citronella, which keeps all insects away when the wristband is worn, and they come in a range of attractive colours and are easily slipped over the wrist, leaving you with a nice citrus fragrance.

Mosquito Patches

These can be used on a newborn baby, and people of all ages, and the natural ingredient is citronella, which is administered onto the patch, which is about 3.5cm in diameter. The great thing about these patches is they do not have to make contact with the skin, as they can be stuck onto clothing, fabric or any surface. One patch would last around 8 hours, and they come packs of ten and are ideal for very young children.

Anti-Mosquito Wipes

The wipes can be used on babies of 6 months and older, and once opened from the sealed package, you can wipe the skin directly and this will give you up to 6 hours. Ideal for mums when out and about with baby, just leave a box in your carry bag and you won’t have to worry about insects.

DEET is known to be harmful and many mosquito repellents contain DEET, but if you want a purely natural solution, all of the above are ideal. Children are especially vulnerable to chemical repellents, which they could lick if it was on their skin, and for the best protection for the whole family, you are advised to switch to natural solutions when looking for mosquito protection.

If you would like to try out these amazing solutions, a Google search is all it takes to source an online supplier. You may also seek pest control services to ensure that your family is protected from these disease-carrying insects.