Planning A Memorable, Stress-Free Bachelor Party

The best man at a wedding typically arranges the bachelor party. If you’re the best man and looking for a stress-free party for the groom to be, forget the normal debauchery associated with these events. Here are some ideas that cater to relaxing adventures where the guys can bond and have a good time.


Brewery Tour


If you live in an area with many micro breweries, rent a bus or large van with a driver and arrange to visit them. Guests will enjoy sampling new beer that they have never tried before. You can end the tour with dinner at a restaurant that serves local beers. You can substitute local wineries if this is more in keeping with guests’ preferences.


Fishing Adventures


Grooms to be are usually stressed out with planning the wedding with their fiancé. A full or half day fishing charter is an idea way for them to relax with friends. Look for a charter which provides supplies besides a guide and a boat. If they also offer gear, tackle and bait, the guests won’t have to bring anything special with them. Charter companies that provide everything let the organizer invite the groom to be’s friends who don’t fish but would like to learn.


Rent A Cabin For The Weekend


You can find cabins in national parks and in places like Airbnb. Make sure there are things to do nearby, like swimming, hiking and fishing. You can bring games too, if they are not provided, like lawn darts or horseshoes. An outdoor fire pit is always fun as you can roast hot dogs and other foods in the evening. A weekend in the country is always a relaxing activity.


Bowling Party


A bowling party is a good choice for the budget conscious. Call a bowling alley and rent as many lanes as you need for the teams you create. Make the teams even with the best bowlers spit up. You can make up special shirts to wear. Have the team with the lowest score buy drinks afterward. You can also offer a prize for the bowler with the highest score.


Hold A Virtual Reality Party


You can visit places that hold VR parties or rent the equipment and hold it in your own space. It’s a great way to give everyone an adventure, like climbing Mount Everest, that they will never forget without the danger of actually doing it. Guests can choose their experience or play as a group, such as killing zombies together. It’s an experience guests will talk about for a long time after the bachelor party ends. Fighting an epic battle also helps relieve stress the groom and wedding party are feeling.


Visit A Dude Ranch


Nothing creates a relaxing environment like a weekend in the country. Look for a ranch that offers lessons in riding, lassoing and herding cattle. Most dude ranch accommodations offer rooms and meals for the weekend.


There is something here for every group of guys, from techies to outdoorsmen. Start planning yours today for the adventure of a lifetime.