How to Spiritually and Holistically Help Your Teenager

There are many important ways you can support your teenager in the realm of spirituality and holistic health. This may be completely new to you, or perhaps you have your own practices which your teenager has expressed a keen interest in. Either way, embracing this mindset can really help your teenager’s growth and frame of mind. 

Help Them Find Religion

If your teenager has expressed an openness and want to find religion, or have a particular religion they would like to learn more about, you can support them in this journey. Be open to discussing their religious beliefs if they take the steps to be more open about it. Embracing religion can be very liberating for a teenager who was already having thoughts about their beliefs and practices. 

It can also help them to find a sense of community with other people who follow the same religion and beliefs. 

Support Any Spiritual Practices

You can still be spiritual without following a religion. If your teenager is showing an openness for more spirituality in general, it’s important to show support for this in order to inspire more positivity. 

Spiritual practices could include:

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Prayer
  • Breathing exercises 
  • Daily rituals 

It’s important to respect your teenager’s boundaries and privacy when at home in line with any spiritual practices, such as not disturbing them if they are meditating. If they are interested in tarot reading, you may show your support by having them join tarot classes. Those who are interested in Buddhism may get in touch with experts in Online Buddhism Teachings.

Encourage Positive Thinking

Not only should you encourage more positivity in your teenager, but also ensure that the home space is a positive space to be, too. Any negativity you yourself express or bring into the space could have a direct effect on your teenager while living in the same house as you. Support each other with more positive thinking

If your teenager comes to you with any issues or problems, try to work through them with a positive mindset and teach your teenager the value and power of positive thinking. 

Take Care of Their Mind 

If your teenager is facing any issues or problems with their mental health, such as depression or anxiety, you can help them to seek the right support for this. Solutions like Ignite Teen Treatment aim to treat mental health conditions in a safe, holistic and supported way.

Be sure to pay attention to any signs that your teenager may be suffering with a mental health condition, such as irritability, low moods and change in behavior, so that you can work together to find a solution.

Take a Trip Together

If you share the same spiritual and holistic beliefs as your teenager — or, even if you would just like to show your support for theirs in particular — then taking a trip together to explore this mindset can be beneficial, as well as the perfect opportunity for bonding. 

This could be a yoga retreat, a specific spiritual retreat, or taking a trip to sites of interest or important spiritual sites around the world. Or, it could simply be a short break with an aim to be more mindful and find relaxation away from a hectic routine.

Encourage Feelings to Be Out in the Open 

Spirituality can be about speaking openly regarding feelings and emotions, too. This means you could create the right atmosphere at home for your teenager to be able to do that. Be sure to encourage conversations, ask questions, and listen attentively when your teenager chooses to discuss something with you.