How To Plan A Wedding That Guests Will Remember For Years To Come

A wedding day is special as it brings two people together along with their friends and family. Planning a wedding is not quite as special as it can be a nightmare for some. You want to remember your day fondly and have the guests do the same.

If your big day is fast approaching, the pre-wedding nerves are probably beginning to take hold. You’ve gone over the plan multiple times and it looks like you have everything covered. But surprisingly, one important aspect that is often forgotten is how your guests will get there. Hiring a coach or minibus similar to the ones at to transfer your wedding guests to and from your Intimate Wedding Venue is a decision that will save you a lot of stress on the day.

Finding the best Seattle event rentals is crucial since this is the one time that everyone you care about is going to be under the same roof which is an experience that is unmatched. You may also book a photo booth rental so your guests can have memorable photos from this occasion. The following are tips to plan a wedding that guests will remember for years to come. 

Your First Dance Matters

Taking dance classes could be a great investment as you will likely watch your wedding video regularly. You want to impress your guests with something that you have learned. Working together with your future spouse on the dance can be a great bonding experience. There are going to be some couples that are far better dancers than others so keep this in mind. Anyone can learn to dance as it just takes practice. There are a number of different dance classes that differ by style of dance. 

Seat People With Care

There are some couples that understand that their families might come from very different cultures. Sitting your college friends with your grandparents is not the combination that will lead to the most fun unless your grandparents are wild. The louder group should be the furthest away from the stage if this is something that you can control. You also want to put people with those that they know as it can be awkward to meet new people and not know anyone at your table. You should also let the bartenders know which people could be an issue due to overdrinking if there is an open bar. Flagstaff wedding venues can help you with this for they have held hundreds of weddings at their hotels.

DJ or Band?

The decision between a band and a DJ is usually an easy one. People usually opt for party hire and a DJ. Bands are notorious for having people not show up so you will be relying on one person. Requesting songs is far easier than in the past as you can stream nearly any song from a mobile device. There are entertainment professionals that you can work with as well that will make sure everyone has fun at the reception. You can look at here now to stream some music. Make sure as well not to forget hiring sound engineers.

You Can’t Accommodate All Dietary Restrictions

Don’t worry about wild dietary restrictions as people are welcome to bring their own food. Some dietary restrictions are real while others are imagined. Having a vegetarian option is good to have as not everyone eats red meat, fish, or chicken. If someone decides to make a big deal about not being catered to, there is always the option to take back the invitation. People that make your wedding about them are not the type of people you want there on your big day. 

Planning a wedding can be a nightmare that turns into your dream day. Take time to plan carefully as leaving things up to chance is not something you should do on your wedding day. Visit sites like and think about getting a destination wedding to make a lasting impression.