Falling for a Romany in “Always a Princess”

Clyve Rose masterfully dives into both sides of this unexpected love story.

If you are a fan of Austen’s Emma, you might remember the gypsies in Chapter 39. Through her research of gypsies, more correctly known as Romany people, and two decades of experience writing historical romance under her belt, Clyve Rose writes Always a Princess. She uses the unlikely pairing of an Englishman and a Romany woman to show how love is the highest and strongest force known to man.

Rose tells the tale of how a young woman checked almost all the boxes necessary to be a perfect wife in the eyes of handsome Captain Warwick “Wil” Clifton. Unfortunately for the Englishman, this bewitching woman named Syeira happened to be the eldest daughter of the Romany King and the princess of the House of Brishen. Written amidst a world of conflicting cultures, Rose’s attention to detail and dedication to the historical context of the Regency period plays the biggest hand in demonstrating how love truly has no barriers.

Their story begins with Syeira rushing to the side of her oldest brother, the Head of the House of Brishen, who lost a duel against Wil. While attempting to ignore the man who fired the nearly fatal shot, she finds herself struggling to focus on giving the immediate remedial support her brother so desperately needs. Despite her best efforts, she cannot help but notice how the combination of Wil’s broad shoulders, handsome face, and chiseled jaw would cause any woman to naturally swoon.

Instead of simply narrating the events, Rose alternates between Wil’s and Syeira’s perspectives to give insight as to how their different cultures fuel their relationship throughout the plot. Switching to Wil’s perspective of the duel, Rose uses this opportunity to showcase Syeira’s passionate ferocity and reveal her dedication to protect her family.

Impressed and perhaps a bit intimidated by her temper, Wil can hardly breath normally in the presence of such a woman. He quickly forgets having woken up that morning in the bed of an English woman and instead cannot keep his eyes off Syeira. Whether it be her silk dress, her scent of wild roses, or her dark gemstone eyes, you too will find yourself falling in love with this woman. In addition to her physical beauty, he falls even harder for her admirable dignity and unconditional kindness, knowing that this combination of attributes would sweep any Englishman off his feet.

If you have ever wondered what it was like to live in a world where everyone considers risking everything for love, look no further. In Always a Princess, Rose leaves you excited for the rest of the series by capturing the authenticity of Wil and Syeira’s love as they navigate through the Regency period. Stay tuned for more work by Clyve Rose coming out soon!