Do you have Healing Powers?

When you think the healing powers of psychic abilities do you think of an eccentric lady hovering over a crystal ball? Well, that stereotype is about to be broken. Author Micheal Priv shares his new handbook, and explains that everyone has the power of psychic abilities locked inside them. All it takes is training and following his drills to unleash healing powers and psychic abilities.

You Are a Psychic, The Healer’s Handbooks is the first guide ever created with specific meditations and training’s to help enhance extra-sensory abilities. With practice you will be able to use techniques to actually heal various organs and functions in the body. It may sound impossible but author Micheal Priv believes everyone has these abilities as long as they are willing to open themselves up to the possibilities. He says, “We are miracle workers but only if we understand who we really are”.

If you are ready to blaze your own path and discover who you really are and what you are actually capable of, pick up a copy of You Are a Psychic.