5 Ways to Be a Better Friend

5 Ways to Be a Better Friend

Friendship is one of the most precious things we have in this life, and the more of it we have, the more fulfilled our lives will be. However, making friends is only half the battle. Friendships are like gardens. You have to preserve and maintain your friendships if you hope for them to grow and survive.

Being a better friend starts with putting effort into your relationships, and showing the other person that you care about your connection. So if you’re looking for ways to put effort into your relationships and be a better friend to the people that you love most, then here are some ways to do so.

Offer Help

There are many different ways to show the people that you love that you care.  From gifts, to words of encouragement, many people show their love in a variety of ways. One of the strongest ways to show your love, however, is to help. Even though words of encouragement and gifts are nice for example getting someone Hip flasks can be a great gift, help is something that can change the overall quality of someone’s life.

Whether your friend’s house is flooding, or their car has broken down, find ways that you can help them improve the situation. Sometimes the simple act of asking how you can help can make a world of difference in someone’s life.


In a fast-paced world like the one that we live in, everyone seems to be talking over each other at the same time.  One of the greatest gifts you can give anyone is the gift of listening to what they have to say.

All too often people are in a rush to interject and give their opinion or advice, when in fact, in most cases, all your friends need is someone to listen. The more you listen, the more you’ll demonstrate that you appreciate and respect your friends’ outlook and perspective. You don’t always have to necessarily agree, however listening is the ultimate sign of mutual respect.

Be Supportive

Being a good friend starts with supporting the people you love in their endeavors. Not just when your friends succeed, but even when they fail. Show that you care and be enthusiastic. Celebrate with them, and cry with them. Even if you don’t necessarily understand the situation, sometimes all people need is a little bit of compassion and encouragement.

Respect Boundaries

If you hope to maintain healthy and balanced relationships, then it’s important that you each respect each other ‘s boundaries. There may be certain things that your friends simply don’t tolerate, and vice versa. Even though something may not seem that big of a deal to you, it may very well be for them, and it should be respected. Understanding and honoring individual preferences is key to being a great friend.

Spend Quality Time Together

Despite how busy you may be, it’s important that you prioritize time with your friends by carving out special moments together. Take the time to enjoy a movie together or enjoy a cup of coffee, and use the Simonelli espresso machine to make a great one. The more time you spend together the more quality interactions you’ll have that will ultimately enrich your friendship and show that you’re committed to the other person.