4 Common Types of Brain Injuries Resulting From Car Accidents

4 Common Types of Brain Injuries Resulting From Accidents

Car accidents are like a box of not-so-great surprises. You can end up with all sorts of injuries, some you notice right away and others that sneak in under the radar. Brain injuries especially pack quite a punch.

They’re one of the worst things you could walk away from an accident because they often lead to long-lasting or permanent physical, cognitive, and mental damage. In this piece, we’ll dig deep into four common brain injuries caused by car crashes.


Concussions are one of the main stars of the traumatic brain injury stage and happen when a big enough smack makes your brain rattle around in your skull like a maraca. This is not great for those delicate brain cells or keeping things chemically balanced up there!

The symptoms are headaches, confusion, dizziness, and even momentarily blacking out. But here’s some good news – plenty of folks recover completely from them! However, if you keep getting concussed, then we might start seeing long-term damage pile up over time.


Have you ever heard of a brain contusion? It’s like getting a gnarly bruise on your head. Car accidents usually cause them when someone’s head meets the steering wheel, dashboard, or window with too much force. Typical signs include:

  • Killer headaches
  • Feeling numb in places you shouldn’t be
  • Slurred speech
  • Tripping over your own feet more than usual

Be warned, though! If it’s serious enough, they might need to operate just to give that poor, pressured brain some breathing room!

Diffuse Axonal Injury (DAI)

Now, let’s talk about Diffuse Axonal Injury. It might sound fancy, but it’s really just distressing brain damage from big-time head shaking or rotation – like in high-speed car accidents. Picture this—your skull moves one way, and your brain doesn’t quite keep up, causing those important nerve fibers (axons) to rip apart!

That can mess with normal brainy stuff and result in passing out cold or serious cognitive hitch-ups along with physical impairment. Unfortunately, once DAI gets its claws into you, there is no turning back—the injury sticks around permanently!

Traumatic Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (tSAH)

Traumatic Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (tSAH) is pretty scary! This is a condition where your brain ends up surrounded by blood, usually due to some serious head injury from nasty car crashes.

The result of this inside-the-head flood is unbearable headaches that have you throwing up and maybe even seizing or blacking out. The pressure in your skull goes through the roof! No two ways about it—tSAH needs immediate medical care ASAP if we’re going to keep any long-term harm.

Navigating the Aftermath

No matter what kind of brain injuries you’re dealing with, the road to recovery is a real uphill struggle. You’re looking at medical treatments and rehab that feels like it goes on forever—not to mention riding an emotional roller coaster!

That’s when hooking up with a car accident lawyer from a trusted car accident law firm can be your saving grace. Expert accident lawyers like for instance an auto accident attorney or a workers compensation lawyer will help you figure out your rights, so you go after some compensation for those sky-high medical bills or lost work hours while recovering from injury.


So, to wrap this all up—brain injuries from car wrecks are a big deal and can flip your life upside down. But knowing about these four common types means we’re better equipped to understand just how serious accidents really are. It pushes us towards stopping them before they happen or at least improving the way we look after folks who’ve been through one!