3 Things to Consider Before Dating a Coworker

3 Things to Consider Before Dating a Coworker

There are many different reasons why people go to work every day. Some people go to work to generate debt leads, some go to work to clean teeth, and some people go to work to code software —there are all sorts of different careers out there that people devote their days to. And although the nature of these jobs may vary, ultimately they come down to the same thing: providing a service to a business for a salary.

Notice that there was no mention of creating office romances in that job description?  And although as much as 60% of Americans say that they have dated one of their coworkers or have considered dating one of them, the truth is that office romance is a slippery slope.

Dating a coworker can negatively impact not only your job, but also the people you work with. If you find yourself head over heels for a coworker, here are some of the things you should consider before going on a date with them.

Other Staff Members Will Talk

When you spend the majority of your day confined in the same space, people start to get antsy and gossip can arise.  Anyone who’s ever worked in an office probably knows the old “water cooler” chats all too well.

If you start dating someone in the office, you need to prepare yourself for other people in the office talking about it. There will be whispers, there will be misinformation, and there may be some teasing. Not to mention, you may have problems with HR.

It’s important that you know people will be watching you under a close microscope. So, unless you want to experience what it’s like being a star under the eye of the paparazzi, you might want to consider dating someone your coworkers don’t know.

You’ll See Each Other Daily

At first the idea of seeing each other every single day may seem wonderful. However, it’s helpful that you understand that there can be two scenarios that go along with this. The first scenario is that you wind up falling madly in love and end up getting married. While this may seem great, imagine being married to someone, living with them, and also working with them all day. Chances are you’ll start to burn out quickly.

On the other hand, there’s the scenario that you don’t work out, you have a vicious breakup, and then you have to work every day with your ex. Not only does this put you in an uncomfortable position,  but it can also make life for your coworkers quite awkward. Who wants to go to work and be around two exes awkwardly avoiding each other during a meeting?

You Risk Distraction

When it comes to distractions, there’s nothing that can distract you from your job more than an office romance. So, if you’re trying to get that promotion, having someone in the office that you’re romantically interested in could create an obstacle for your big plans. It’s important to ask yourself whether this person is really worth risking your job over before you take the plunge.