3 Things You Can Do to Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is not something that people are born with or without — it is built or broken down throughout a lifetime of experiences. Furthermore, it’s not a binary state where someone is either confident or not confident. Instead, confidence is more of a spectrum and it’s directly related to self-esteem. Low self-esteem is complex, and difficult […]

Eric Lefkofsky Seeks to Apply Data Science to Saving Lives

Eric Lefkofsky is not known to everyone. But the serial entrepreneur is a legend within the tech community. Having played integral roles in founding a number of big-name tech startups, including Groupon, Lefkofsky, who is originally from the Chicago area, has become one of the biggest names in Illinois philanthropy and charities throughout the country. […]

The Pros of Retiring in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania should be on your list of great places to consider if you’re starting your retirement journey. This state offers a wide variety of healthcare, financial perks, shopping, recreational, educational, and cultural activities. Pennsylvania has a large population of seniors who are enjoying what this state has to offer. Around 17.8 percent of all Pennsylvania […]

4 Reasons to Consider Working in the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is dedicated to the transformation of raw materials to final goods, ready for the direct commercialization or commercialization through distribution channels tasked with moving product to diverse public destinations. Therefore, experts consider the industry as a secondary sector of the economy of any nation given that a primary sector oversees obtaining and […]

3 Ways to Feel Better About Yourself

As a woman, it can be very easy to feel bogged down by the expectations of the world. With the culture around us convincing us to always stay outwardly perfect, there is a bigger need than ever for self care and self love. Self care can be anything from giving yourself a spa day to […]

The Poconos

The best places to spend your vacations are a treat no matter what time of year you stop by. The Pocono Mountains are a popular choice for adventures among families and people across the East Coast who want to escape the city life for a little bit and become one with nature. Before you plan […]